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Workshop facilitator/choir leader/composer/song writer/performer/singer/arranger/producer/project & music director/ land art and lantern builder

         Workshops sessions tailored to suit the specific needs of your group from short sessions to residencies                                       

Harmony/ improvisation/ lyric and song writing

Original work can be written for specific projects/ curriculum

Wide ranging repertoire


Finding your voice.

Singing and music making for feeling good & well being.

Finding connection with people, breath, mind and body.

Youth (Early Years/Infant/Primary/Secondary/F.E.) and Adult Education and Community, Family Groups, Looked After Children,  Older People, Adults

and Children with SEN - PMLD/ Alzheimer's/dementia, mental health, Training for Teachers & Team Building Courses.

"What a gorgeous group of humans! You’re a wonderful teacher/leader/warm presence. Totally joyous and magical."
Leah Cox on Singing Together Apart August 2021

"Thank you for the amazing singing therapy, it’s priceless." L.W. on Singing Together Apart August 2021 

"Well done, you deserve a medal for setting up this morning’s session and keeping it fun when you were hosting it in a room on your own. It worked really well, as I hope you could judge from the smiling faces on your screen.

It was great to have a sing and it was a complete distraction for us all from the gloom around. Stay safe.” Jean Booth on Singing Together Apart online March 2020

“It was a wonderful experience and I thank you so much for thinking of it. A couple of times I was so overwhelmed with being together like that I became too choked up to sing but still so enjoyed joining in and listening. I am amazed to be able to join up with everyone like this.” Wendy Rowe on Singing Together Apart online 2020

Thank you for another wonderful opportunity to sing in the monument on Hoad Hill - such a significant place. I thought your programme was perfect, with a mix of old and new songs and everyone sang so heartily. I'm sure you felt the warm buzz as I did." Deb Roberts on Yule Sing Hoad 2019

"My Thursday morning hour is joyous and relaxing with singing that stretches my ears, my larynx and my comfort zone. Kirsten picks a good bag of songs varying from call and response, to pop to folk. Sea shanties are currently on offer. Good fun. Highly recommended.”  John Fox, Welfare State International/DEAD GOOD GUIDES. October 25th 2019

"I really cannot put into words the value of the sessions that you deliver to my guys. I know that my service users and staff team so look forward to the Wednesdays,  and I love listening to you all when I am in the office." Carolyn Neville, Supervisor, Mill Lane Day Services. 2016

"She (Kirsten) was my inspiration! (On Song Birds sessions) Beautiful voices and positive vibrations." Magda Iwanicki, Song Birds Women's Improvisation Group participant. 2017

"My Dad and I just love singing at Feel Good Singing. It puts some song in your soul and a spring in your step."
Jenny Redhead 2016

"Your enthusiasm and commitment is second to none. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and participation with all of our guys."
Gill Turner, Mill Lane Day Services for adults with learning disabilities. 2016

"Song Birds vocal improvisation group is inspirational, fun and liberating. The sessions bring women together within the local community, helping them to find their voices in a playful and supportive environment. She is open and accepting towards all who attend her groups and has a unique ability to encourage those who lack self confidence to develop their creative skills and make positive connections with others. She has great creative integrity and is a skilled group facilitator." Marett Troostwyk, Song Birds Women's Improvisation Group participant.

"Kirsten is very popular with the Singing For The Brain group. Always willing to go the extra mile in researching a favourite song from the past mentioned by one of the group and delighting them by producing it at the next session. Very patient and kind, Kirsten is a pleasure to work with." 
Anne Reed, former Dementia Support Worker, Alzheimer's Society. 2015

"That's the fastest hour of the week." Eric, Singing For The Brain group participant. 2016

"Kirsten is sensitive to the needs of people with dementia and their carers and her group feels inclusive and everyone has an opportunity to share their views and participate in a way appropriate to them. Kirsten makes music fun and accessible to all, even those who may not have considered themselves to be particularly musical. She has an open and easy manner which encourages participation and puts people at ease." 
Tara Edwards, Services Manager for North and West Cumbria's Alzheimer's Society. 2016

"Better than therapy!" S.C. Song Birds Vocal Play and Improvisation Women's Group, Ulverston. 2015

"Kirsten is brilliant. She exudes an infectious passion for singing. With expert ease she creates a safe space for singers of all levels to explore their voices, play, improvise and share the joy of singing together with others. Warm, funny, creative and hugely inspiring, Kirsten is, basically, the best workshop leader EVER!" Emily Hennessy, Song Birds member, Storyteller. 2015

"Kirsten is great to write songs with for young people - and it's inspiring watching her teaching them too!"  
 Jilly Jarmon, Creative Director at Blue Jam Arts, Cumbria. 2015

"Kirsten is a fun person to be around. She has an optimistic view on the world and is a good people person. She is conscientious, always well prepared for whatever role she is undertaking and she thinks ahead. Kirsten has an organised approach to work, especially when delivering workshops with groups. She is a great team member, taking on responsibility and delivering what is asked and expected of her. She is able to listen and respond to the requests of colleagues and workshop participants of all ages and she and never overlooks any element within her role on a project." Dan Fox, Director at Sound Intervention. 2015

"All our members really enjoy having you here, taking them back in time with songs and playing the instruments."
Sharon Day, Daycare worker, Bradbury Centre, Millom. 2016

"We love it"- Jessie, "Brilliant. It's a really happy circle. It's a good feeling and we have a good laugh." - Irene 
"Great fun." - Doreen. Participants at Bradbury Centre, Millom. 2016

"Brilliant! Members join in even if they don't usually do the activities."  Day Care Organiser, Bradbury Centre, Millom. 2016

"I thought the concert was absolutly great. Learning the songs was just as good as doing the concert. 
Kirsten was fab at teaching us all the bits and bobs." Thomas, young performer in Carlisle's Celebrate

"Many thanks for making Threshold go so beautifully, a great weekend, and the feedback has been amazing."
Audrey Steeley, Creative Projects Manager, Heron Corn Mill (Beetham) Ltd. 2014

"Kirsten ran lantern making workshops for us at Workington Christmas Festival, and then organised a procession of 100 adults and children the following weekend. Her professional, friendly and organised approach was praised by participants and all who encountered her. We would recommend her services without hesitation."   
Marie Whitehead, CN Events Director. 2014